Since 1955 we’ve been helping businesses make more money, more reliably, more quickly, more often

Seriously Sorted Ltd was formed in 2010 and represents the amalgamation of four customer focused niche manufacturing businesses whose commonality lay in delivering high quality standard and customised products.

Our products and services have assisted the likes of Burton, Burberry and Jaeger through to British Airways, Marconi and Rolls Royce to remain at the top of their game.

Because De-Vice Systems is a modular workholding concept that protects the health of your technician as well as enabling more reliable and faster product/process completion increased profitability is assured

With De-Vice SYSTEMS - You Make Money – We Make Money – You Come Back

SYSTEMS achieves this by INCREASING direct PROFITS by improving PRODUCTIVITY and raising product/service QUALITY.

And by REDUCING direct COSTS by driving down NON-CONFORMANCES and REDUCING operator ABSENCE through work induced health issues.

HOW does De-Vice SYSTEMS achieve all this?

Because we are a client-centric business we don’t “sell” you our products – we work with you from day one focusing on increasing your profitability.

Working together using our niche knowledge to help you find a more profitable way to build, repair or service your products easier, faster and safer.

If that requires bespoke work holding or accessory design then that’s what we do.


De-Vice SYSTEMS is a modular based work-holding system that is configured to suit YOUR requirements.

De-Vice SYSTEMS provides full 360 rotation of the work-head in three axis X, Y, Z.

The De-Vice Stand System provides vertical adjustment of the workpiece of up to half a metre with fully adjustable mobile stands to support and make safe other parts of the workpiece where necessary.

For further information about De-Vice S Y S T E M STM  
+44 (0) 20 8901 6530

Product Development and Support Mr. Neil Budgen

Business Development and Sales Mr. Chris Williams

De-Vice  is a Registered Design (No: 6047406)
De-Vice  S Y S T E M S is a Registered Design (No: 6047408)


The De-Vice SYSTEM incorporating 360⁰ Rotating Head Vice mounted on Lift Stand with Work Holder.


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